Sport and Event

We build the stage, platforms, sets, fields, lights and displays. All that remains is to perform to a worldwide audience. We create and implement concepts for music, sport, fashion, culture shows and events. Furthermore, we organise competitions and happenings across the world through our international network.

Marketing and Promotion

Whether you need professional testimonial management, sponsorship, music events, TV shows, road shows, PR or event publications – we can provide in-house, integrated, national and international campaigns in the fields of sport, youth, culture and music marketing. In close ties with the international sport and media business, we can draw a pool of experienced communications experts. We look after every aspect of your communication activities, from planning and concept development to execution.

Publishing & Merchandising

Do you like to grab your Fanshirt of your favourite Club before they start playing? Or do you prefer the Baseball-Cap in team colours to cheer them on? Certainly, the program on the grandstand should not be missed – haptical things become more and more important to the people. They are much more than simple pieces of cloth or pages with information on it. Good quality merchandising is something that is cherished by people who are passionate about their interests and we are passionate about making the best merchandise out there.


Sponsorships are partnerships where each member receives benefits . It is the ultimate solution to the prisoner’s dilemma, where both sides win. But they are impossible to create without extensive network, tact and a drawn idea. We provide all those qualities and foundations for long term sponsorships that are effective.


Love it or hate it – advertising is an inherent part of our culture! To keep that in mind and its proliferation across all media and formats, it is becoming harder for organisations to create an ad that will be recognized. This is where mc comes in. We will analyse your product or service in every detail in order to gain the best results. This includes the embracement of your visions, goals and messages and form them into a total package, which will truly stand out of the crowd.

Media Relations

You came up with a new strategy or idea and now you need to make it public? Nowadays it is really hard to be recognized on the saturated market. It takes more than just a good press release or advertisement campaign to get picked out of the mass. Well, this is where mc can help you with databases of journalists in print, TV, online and radio media.


A strategy is just as important as its’ implementation. We create strategies not just banding a number of common tools together; throwing on a nice bow on top and selling it to you as a “tailored” concept. Each concept is hand-crafted and unique in its content, focussed towards real goals that are to be accomplished and created by talented and experienced staff, who will rather take an all-nighter than deliver something that isn’t top-notch

Sales Promotion

Paradoxically, in order to sell, you must invest not only into your product, but also into selling it. You have to engage and capture your audience until a critical mass is reached. This is what we do. We will help you to promote and sell your products or services that they will reach even the last one of your audience.


Management can be defined as “gears which mesh”. And that’s the approach we have. Everything is planned out and executed with precision, efficiency and backed up with years of experience making any event organisation smooth and easy for you. We also manage and offer PR and marketing services, arrange media and event appearances, acquire and build sponsorship and endorsement deals.

VIP Incentives

We provide VIP incentives to strengthen your position, increase the power of your partnership and generally improve your visibility amongst your audience. We can provide you with the best seats in the largest stadiums of the world for UEFA/FIFA events, Olympic Games or entertainment shows as Rock in Rio or MTV Music Awards. Share an unforgettable experience with your guest!

CSR Consulting

Corporate social responsibility is an important component in our today’s time. mc is on the forefront of leading a socially responsible corporate organisation. For this reason, we can support professional consultations concerning CSR projects and help you to convey and improve your communications on this subject.

MC Digital International

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